2019 info was updated but will not send to my email

Hello, I have a 2019 SU license and I have been trying to get it onto my laptop to work from home. I have been working on a 30 day trial and it is about to expire. When I sign into sketchup with my serial number and my email I am told that my serial number has been updated and that my Authorization code has been updated as well. I then click “email me my authorization code” but I no longer have support so it will not go to my email. I did not want my numbers changed, SU did that. Can anyone help me to retrieve my information that I did not decide to change?

The email your authorization code should work even if you are not under support at the moment. If you have never activated SketchUp 2020 your 2019 numbers should still work. That would be the serial number that starts with UA, and its matching authorization code.

If you can say more about who you are I can check for any problems. ‘greg4’ isn’t quite enough for me to be able to find your license!

One problem I realized, only your latest available license is emailed to you. If you’re using 2019, but are entitled to a 2020 license, the 2020 one is sent. Your 2019 license will still be in an old email you received.

Hello Colin and thank you for getting back to me! I have the info for my 2019 license in an old email. when I attempt to reinstall 2019 with these credentials it does not allow me. The new serial number that they sent me I assume coincides with my 2020 version (I do believe that I was eligable for the upgrade). I tried using the new serial number with the old authorization code, and that does not work. And they will not email me my new authorization code because I no longer have “support.”

After digging deeper in emails: I was sent an email when my “support” was going to expire with a serial number and my old authorization code. This is the last email that I have from sketchup with this info on it. And now they are telling me that I have a new authorization code that I can not access. Is there a way to contact someone directly so I can be sent an email with my authorization code?

I am a direct contact! As soon as I can tell who you are, I will send your license.