Updating Licence for 2019

How to Update Licence? The instructions sent by SketchUp in their notification email don’t work (there is no prompt to enter new codes). Once 2019 is open it seems impossible to add licence. Must the new free month expire? Seems like a mess.

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it is simple really, I did mine within a few minutes

you can either wait until you receive the notification e-mail from SketchUp, or you can go their licence manager and request a new licence

entering the info was also rather simple, not sure where you’re experiencing problems?

  1. Download SketchUp Pro 2019. Select the for your operating system.

  2. Enter your new serial number and authorization code. After launching SketchUp 2019, you’ll be prompted to ‘Add a License’ in the welcome window. Enter in your new serial number and authorization code provided below.*

These were the instructions. At (2) it wasn’t clear where (??) you enter the serial number and authorization code (which I had), and after that there was no prompt to ‘add a licence’. The licence manager (SU2019) appears to have accepted my serial/code, but I am still in ‘trial month’ mode. Perhaps this is normal. If so, it seems odd and messy.

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I’m having exactly the same issue and i agree, it doesn’t seem right. I tried the “request a new licence” tab and it seems to be a dead link so tried the contact tab and it didn’t work either.

and in the last hour i’ve received 2 emails welcoming me to sketch up and inviting me to “explore my trial”…what’s going on, i just wanted to install my upgrade?

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That happened to me- yesterday. I called the number listed in their email to me and left a message. When I tried later in the day I was able to license the new version-

Good Luck !

The Welcome Window is different than versions past. I made a couple of videos detailing how to get your license authorized.
Authorizing your SketchUp Pro 2019 Classic - VIDEO
Authorizing your SketchUp Pro or Studio Subscription - VIDEO

If your experience is different than what is illustrated, please let me know so I can make some adjustments.

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I am trying to update to Pro 2019. I entered the serial number etc. that they sent in the email, but then it tells me that I am getting the free 30-day trial not the full version.

every major release of SketchUp has unique serial identifier, a SU2018Pro serial (even with valid maintenance) will not work in SU2019Pro (or any other version, for that matter)

go to the licence manager, enter your SU2018 serial and e-mail address and request a new serial for SU2019 to be sent to your e-mail

if your e-mail address matches their database to the serial and you maintenance is up to speed you should then be receiving the new serial within minutes, it literally took me less than 10 minutes from starting the download link, requesting the new serial, installing and activating to be up and running in SU2019

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Thanks for your help. Actually the licence was indeed for the 2019 version. But I went back and tried to open the program again, and this time it started up no problem.

Be aware that if you authorize SketchUp 2019 with a Classic license (Serial number should start with “UA-”), you can still use the 30 day trial. You will see your Classic authorization under the Classic menu while seeing your subscription/trial status in the Subscription menu

SketchUp and LayOut will use the classic license authorization and all the other offerings like the AR/VR viewers, Mobile viewers, etc will use the trial entitlement while it is active.

Hope this helps


There is really no point in entering your received serial number ‘ASAP’
Use the trial period to evaluate.
If you activate, your 2018 license will not install on new machines anymore, so if you are planning to buy a new machine and have issues with the latest version (extensions that are not fully compatible, etc) you are stuck.

The network version is different, it has a ‘grace period’ of 60 days, which start ticking the minute someone activates the new version, and kind of forcing everyone to upgrade, since network-license users are bound to use one version, only…

Yes I agree about the ‘contact’ tab - a separate issue. It just seems to go around in a dead loop - the option to actually make ‘contact’ never seems to arrive.

Something that is leading to a bit of confusion is that the 30 day trial is for SketchUp Studio, it isn’t for SketchUp Pro. You can have successfully added your new license and still be seeing something about trial, because the Welcome screen defaults to ‘Subscription’. If you click the ‘Classic’ tab (which doesn’t look like a tab, but that’s a different issue), you will then see that your SketchUp Pro license is working.

When you open LayOut you will still see the message about how many days are left in your trial, but now you’re isolated from the SketchUp welcome screen, with its Classic tab, so then it becomes even more confusing.

So, there is a difference between the 30 days trial of Studio that everyone is given when updating to 2019, and the 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro, that new users and people who have not entered their classic license will see.

If you’re not tempted by the Studio features, then just do nothing. In a couple of weeks you’ll still have your SketchUp Pro 2019 license working.

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I’ve done everything suggested but it will not accept my authorization code. I upgraded from 2018 to 2019. I have the correct License Number which I found in the license manager but the only authorization code I have is from my 10/18 email when I purchased SKetchUp 2018. When I use that it says it is not correct. What authorization code should I be using? Where is it? Now I am stuck not being able to work waiting…

Best not to publish your license number.

You’re right that was stupid. Thx

Make sure you edit your post asap and delete it.

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Hey Murphy1970! Thanks for putting a ticket in through the help center. Looks like Colin is taking care of your issue now.