Update Sketchup


I forgot to upgrade my copy of Sketchup pro until today. I was supposed to do it on the 7th of September. The email I received said to download Sketchup 2019 and insert serial number. I have already downloaded Sketchup 2019.2 a few months ago. Do I need to reinstall the program or can I just go to the licensing area and type it in there.


Do you mean the 30-day trial period expired? If you’ve got the license info you should be able to license it without reinstalling. Just start SketchUp and when the welcome screen pops up, add the license.

No I just paid my yearly fee of 120.00 today and I got an email afterwards saying to download Sketchup 2019. I already have it. I have 2019.2 of Sketchup pro

Did you get the license info in the e-mail? If not, you should be able to look it up here: License Manager | SketchUp

By the way, if you paid the $120 annual fee, you have the Classic license, not the Subscription as your profile indicates.

Yes I did get an email after I paid 120.00 with subscription and license but then it also said to download a copy of Sketchup 2019

The license system wouldn’t know you’ve already done that but you don’t need to do it again.