Uncertainty about my upgrade to 2019

I have long had a SketchUp Pro license and recently upgraded 2018 to 2019. Now I am getting little tags on my page title saying, “3 days left in trial.” I was never asked to give my license number nor did I get any email with a code.
My “About SketchUp” window does not say anything about “Trial” but neither does it show my license number information, just the license agreement doc itself.
Would like to sort this out ahead of time to avoid any down time.
any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If on an active Maintenance & Support plan, you would have received the license info last februari.

Mind you, the serial number starts with ‘U’

You can check the status of your classic M&S plan here:

Check license


In the Welcome screen, use the classic license tab to add your license:

Add classic license

I’ve checked what I think is your license, and as Mike suggests, you haven’t added your 2019 classic license yet.

Super! Got it done. Thank you very much for your help!