SketchUp 2019 License


Apologies if this has been answered in another post - there have been so many posts since the release of 2019.

I have a licensed copy of Classic SketchUp 2019 and in the License dialog box it has my license details under the Classic tab but under the Subscription tab and in the top right corner next to the Account icon it says that my trial will end on the 8th March 2019.

Just want to make sure that SketchUp 2019 will not stop working on the 8th March because I now have some active projects saved as 2019 and if I can’t start SketchUp (even if only temporarily) I won’t be very happy!

(I guess I could save my active projects as 2018 just in case)



SU and LO are using your classic license.
The trial subscription is still running just in case you wish to trial the other offerings in the Pro subscription.






Besides making regular backups of (all) your files, one should (re)consider in what format.

Suppose you have a perpetual license (version 2018) and now change to subscription.
If your subscription ends for whatever reason, you would stiil have access to those files in the Free web version, but it would be wise to have saved them in the 2018 version as well (two backups!, one latest and greatest, one earlier)
This way, when you are retired and got an email from a former client that want’s to renovate his house after ten years or so, you would still have accesss to your work.