Trial to Pro

Hello. So I just got a license for Sketchup Pro but I currently have a 30 day trial which ends on Monday. I want to know if the pro license will kick in immediately the trial ends. On my account it shows both are active but when I open the sketchup, it still shows the trial is still active and expires on monday with no option to switch to the purchased license. Also, how do I find my license code or serial number. It’s a bit urgent, thanks for your help.

You need to assign the subscription to yourself in your account:

Scroll down to the member area of the Account and add yourself as a member.

Thanks a lot Mike. I checked like you suggested but I’m already assigned as a user.

Was that under the right plan?
How many plans do you have on the left?
Try logging out in the welcome screen, then log back in, still on trial?

So it occurred to me to log off the sketchup app itself and log back in and that seems to have worked because it no longer tells me my trial ends on Monday. Thanks a lot for your help & time.

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