I've paid for my license but it still has me on a 30 day trial

Hi Folks, I recently downloaded sketchup 2019 and after a few weeks I decided to purchas a licence for the year. I also downloaded the 2020 version. I have opened that up and its started me on a new trial. Even when I sign in.

Ive tried to find the seriel number going by the instructions on the sketchup site -


  1. Open SketchUp Pro.
  2. Click Help > License > License info
  3. Copy your serial number EXACTLY from the License Info dialog box.

however clucking “help” does not give you the option of selecting “licence-let alone licence info” which is a bit frustrating, can anyone assist please.


You may be looking at articles for older versions.
(The version control on help center pages is at the top right.)

Anyway … in SU2020 Help menu, the item is “Manage License” …


Did you purchase a classic license or a subscription ?

If subscription (299/yr) then this has been answered already many times.

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Hi Dan
Thanks mate, much appreciated.

I went with subscription.

I probably didn’t really ask that question correctly. I was just wondering how do I get off the trial and onto the subscription. I’ll have a look to see if I can find the q

Actually Dan, Ive just realized I hadn’t assigned myself a seat, doing that now, found a topic. Hopefully that does the trick, thanks for your assistance.

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I’ve assigned a seat, reinstalled sketchup 2020 and unfortunately still on a trial.

Logging out and back in should suffice, unless there are writ/reaad permissions.
Try to do a ‘repair’ on the installer file:
Rightclick on the installer file, choose ‘run as administrator ‘