Can anyone help with a licensing question?

I recently bought SketchUp pro. I’ve done about 40 hours in the program so far but every time I load the program it still says I’m in the trial version. When I check my licence information it says the trial version is active and I don’t see the pro version, but when I check my account online it says both are active? I’ve tried disabling the trial version but that doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help me with this? I just want to be sure i’m actually using the pro version of the program

I’ve also tried re-downloading from the pro link and still nothing

Down the left side, which you have cropped off, under the Salmon section, click on Members. You’ll see that you have 0 active seats and 1 remaining. Click the Assign User button and add your email address (the one that ends with

Once you’re in the list of members you can then sign in to the SketchUp desktop application with that same email address, and SketchUp should then show that your Pro subscription is active.


This worked, Thank you!

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