2 personal accounts and sketchup not finding license

Hiya, got a problem. I have just bought a subscription to sketchup pro, but it does not seem to be finding it when I open up sketchup. I have investigated further and I seem to have 2 personal accounts and the license is bought on 1 of personal accounts (the second one) and not on the other, so it is not finding it when I start up sketchup. How can I delete this first account but not the second, I dont want to lose my registration. Or can I move my registration over, it is all very unclear. Help PLEASE. thanks

Pro is owned by your info@redk… email address. It currently isn’t assigned to any email address. If you sign into this page with that email address:


You can choose Members, then in the list of members make sure the email you want to use is in the list. Once it is, click the three dots at the right end of the entry, and there you can say that email address has access to the Pro subscription.

Thanks Colin, have done that. It now says (expired) at the top when I open up sketchup, Is that normal? Thanks

The trial is for SketchUp Studio. That trial is expired, but your Pro subscription should still be showing as active.