2 personal account and not finding my licence

Hey, I just bought a subscription to Sketchup GO, but it does not seem to be finding it when I open up SketchUp, I seem to have 2 personal accounts, and the license is bought on 1 of the personal accounts and not on the other, so it is not finding it when I start up SketchUp. How can I delete this first account but not the second, I don’t want to lose my subscription.

When you say that you open SketchUp, what is it you are opening? If it’s the desktop application, that isn’t included in the Go subscription. If you’re opening the web application, that is assigned to your hotmail account, and should work ok.

It is strange that you have two personal accounts. There must be some difference in the details for the two accounts. Both are using your hotmail email, and although Go will only show under one of the two, that shouldn’t stop it from working. But, I can imagine that SketchUp may be reading the wrong one of the two accounts when checking to see if you have a subscription.

It would be worth sending in a support request, to ask them to look into why you have two personal accounts. Use this form: