Duplicate Trimble Accounts / Licensing Problems

I just purchased a license but it won’t activate.
From what I can tell, it looks like I have two identical accounts (?)
Please help! TY

What license did you purchase? Your profile indicates Sketchup Make but that doesn’t require a purchased license.

The ‘multiple accounts’ you see happens if you first had a trial or free version.
See it as different bankaccount numbers at the same bank.
Don’t try to delete one of those, for it will delete your Trimble ID itself!

Select the Member section on the left and see if you have ‘Product access’ in the third column beyond your email address.
If you can’t alter it or don’t see the product that you bought, switch to another account below your name on the left.

Annual Go subscription - it wasn’t an option in the menu

SketchUp Shop would be the appropriate selection.

Go has not yet been assigned to anyone. Sign in here:


Look in the Members section, and add yourself as the user for the subscription.

Can you say whether you bought Go with our online system, or via the iPad app?

thanks. online system

During purchasing there is a checkbox to say that the seat will be assigned to the person buying the subscription. Can you remember unchecking that option?