Several accounts under my email

Hi, I have several accounts under the same email and noticed some of them are with the plan some are not. This is very confusing to the software itself when I log in on my windows application - it seems to recognize my account with the one without a license. Please help.

The software uses the Trimble ID, it than looks to the attached accounts to check if any of them has a license.
One cannot sign in with an account, only with an email address.
Do not try to remove an account, this will delete your Trimble ID with all the products attached.
What errors do you encounter, exactly?

Hi Mike, thanks for replying.
Installing sketchup requires me to log in to my account to activate. However, when I log in, it asks me to start with the trial while I have a plan under one of my accounts.

The Go plan is for the web based version (and iPad).
For using the desktop version, you would need a Pro or Studio plan…

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