Subscription/account issues

I just switched to a subscription account and am unsure about how to address these things:
1–I seem to have both a company account and a personal account. The personal account lists my product as SketchUp Free (30 day trial). The company account shows Sketchup Pro annual plan to be active (this is what I paid for). Can/should I eliminate the personal account?
2–While my Trimble account lists my name correctly, under both the business and personal accounts my name is indicated as “Not Available Not Available”
3–The sign in email I have with Trimble is an email address that I no longer use–is it possible to change it to the new email?

Yes this could well be a mess of my own making. Please provide some guidance as to how to fix these things.

  1. Both ‘Personal’ and ‘Company’ account are tied to the same Trimble ID, look at them as different saving accounts from your bank account.
    You can get an account from another company (or someone) as well. It will pop up as another account in the AMP (recently renames TAMP, Trimble Account Management Portal)

Thus, do not try to delete the ‘Personal’, because you delete the Trimble ID, not the account!

  1. That name was most likely created because you are using an old sign in, as mentioned in 3. I do not think you could edit it in the profile settings (it won’t ‘stick’)

You can assign the seat to another Trimble ID in the Member settings, just revoke the current and then click the ‘Add Member’ button (that will only appear when you have removed the current by clicking on the little blue x when you hover over the email.

  1. You could set the plan settings to stop the subscription automatically and buy a new sub next year with another email adress, (the one you might have set in 2.) or contact sales.

I did some editing, and your name may show up ok now.

That aside, I also set your five ton email to be an admin, for both accounts. You can sign in that way now and at least assign the seat or deauthorize devices.

I could not set that email to be the owner, which is still set to be your hotmail account. That may be possible to do in the future, but you can continue to sign in with the hotmail address if you need to change account or billing settings.

If the owner ends up never being changeable, you should turn off auto renew of the subscription before it’s due to run out, and then next time start a new subscription with your five ton email as the owner.

Just saw your responses, Mike and Colin, thank for your help!