Says i have no account for pro license

So i got an email to my xxx@email(dot)com, saying that i’ve opted to auto-renew my maint. subscription. Says my CC will be billed automatically. It then says below “the email associated with this Sketchup Pro license is: YYYYY@email(dot)com”.

Yet when i follow the link in the email to my profile page to edit CC info, it tells me that no account exists under xxx@email(dot)com or YYYYY@email(dot)com. So how do i get into my account? I have a serial number and authorization for my license.

(I had to type (dot) because it keeps saying i cant have more than 2 links in an email, even though they arent links, and are just dummy email address examples)

You should contact Customer Support directly. They don’t frequent this forum.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free with a nonsense version. This sort of thing isn’t at all helpful. Please fill out your profile with the correct information.

I tried using the online form, but contacting support was greyed out (because you have to be able to login to use that), and using the forum was the only option it gave me. And the version in my profile shouldnt matter in relation to this issue. I cant even login to my account, because it says it doesnt exist.

the Customer Support form should work w/o being logged in.

An easy thing to get mixed up is the page for subscription products and the page for permanent licenses. The issue is made worse by the maintenance and support sometimes being referred to as a subscription!

To see what subscription products you have, sign into this page:

To check on your permanent license, go to this page and enter the serial number and email address for the license:

Also, for the permanent license, to change billing details or to turn auto renew on or off, go to this page:

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And to add to possible misunderstanding :
the ‘permanent license’ is called Classic License’

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