Never received a serial number/license/authorization code in email after renewing maintenance and support

I originally bought SketchUp 2016 with a classic license. I’ve renewed my Maintenance and Support plan every year and received licenses for 2017 and 2018. I however did not renew my plan until just not which was past my renewal date. So I renewed and paid the $180 fee ($120 yearly fee and $60 reinstatement fee) I downloaded SketchUp Pro 2019, however I never received and email with the new license/serial/authorization code. I have an email conformation and receipt showing the purchase from Trimble in my primary email inbox. But when I login to Trimble under my accounts, no account shows that I have any active plans or licensing.

Use your old serial to retrieve the new and have them resend:

So that worked. I had to use my old serial with a new email address.

Thank for the help.

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