Did not receive serial number/authorization number for 2020 Pro version. Support not answering!

I have been a SketchUp pro subscriber for more than ten years. Today the first time I have attempted to use SketchUp 2020 Pro and realized I do not have the new numbers.

My pro license is renewed automatically every year. On November 12, 2019 $127.50 was charged to my credit card, as set up in my profile. I checked my email history, and I never received an email confirming the payment and giving me my new serial number and authorization number. Trimble and Sketchup do not go to SPAM or blocked emails.

Can anyone please advise how to proceed? Trimble Sketchup’s telephone support line says they can only give callback service. Their automated message says to leave a message with serial number and they will not call back without that information. Or, they say, send a support ticket (what is a support ticket?) to “help.sketchup.com/en/contact !! There is no such email address! I listened to their message ten times to be sure what I was hearing. So, I have no idea if, or when I will get a call back with this information.

Their last suggestion was to check in with Forum users here. So here I am. Hi. Any suggestions?
Thank you.


Put in your previous version info.

The first suggestion is to spend some time reading the Licensing and Accounts manual that is online.

You don’t get an automatic license at the same time (mainly because user’s renewal for maintenance & support dates vary widely and are likely not to coincide with major version release dates.)

You must request the new license through the renewal portal.


And the new version will run as a 30-day trial … so having just attempted today, why are you freaking out because support won’t answer ?

When you have a real technical issue and ask for help via the technical support portal, they issue a support ticket number. But this does not apply to your situation.

Thanks for the answers.
Putting in the old numbers does not get you into the program.
I did also find https://www.sketchup.com/license/renew and it does give a way to new authorization number with the old license number and a log in. My problem resolved.

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The other questions were answered. About the email, help.sketchup.com/en/contact is a web page. I will listen to the message to see if we don’t make it clear that it’s a URL and not an email address.

Nothing was written suggesting you use the old license information to authorize the latest version.

Both Dan and I gave you that link within a few minutes of you making your original post.

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