License renewal issues

I’ve been trying to reach anyone through sales/customer support to renew my license including calling, emailing and calling my sales representative directly on his personal phone and I’m getting nowhere. My license expired last week so now I can’t do anything with projects made using SketchUp Pro 2021 so I’ve had to recreate everything using 2019. I’ve never had so many problems with giving my money away to a company before!! Is there a direct phone number to call? Even the Chat bot says no one is available! This is very frustrating!! :angry:


Try this.. Licenses are now 1 year subscriptions.

I can’t find your original order to be sure, but it does look like you have a regular SketchUp Pro subscription. Some time after buying that you turned off the auto renew, otherwise it would have renewed recently. When you choose not to renew, you then would start a new subscription when the old one runs out.

I couldn’t see who your sales person is. If there is a reason you need to order over the phone, and not use the web site to buy a new subscription on your own, you may need to wait for your sales person to reply to you. You could in the meantime download SketchUp 2021 or 2022 and start a new 30 day trial.

Also, your own classic licenses do have a 2020 license available. If you go to this page and put in your 2019 serial number, and your email address, you will be shown your 2020 licenses:

I went ahead and did that for you, and two emails will have arrived, showing the 2020 version of your two Classic licenses. 2020 won’t normally be able to open a 2021 file, but you could use this extension to add an Open Newer Version option on your File menu:

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Thanks Colin, please check your messages!