Sketchup Pro License Expiry Message - Help Centre Not Responding

My company has paid for a Sketchup Pro renewal subscription at the end of April 2024 yet when I try to open the application it states “Your license has expired”. I have contacted the help centre four times now in the past three days and had no response except an automatic reply. I can’t use the software. Is there a UK phone number I can speak to somebody on or a better way to get any urgent help?

Hi @paul.williams thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in our reply to you. Our reply time indicates that you should have had a response by now. I am not a member of our support team but I do have a few contacts I can reach out to on that team to see if we can find out what went wrong. Do you have a ticket number I can bring them so they can find your support request? It will help us to find a solution for you a lot faster.

In the meantime, I know from personal experience that the most common issue that causes this is users using a different email address then the one that is associated with their account. I know that this is pretty unlikely in your case but can you confirm that you are using the right email address while I wait for the support team to finish their morning meeting?

Hi Paul, I know this isn’t much help to you now, in future if you would like to purchase with UK based support, we are a SketchUp Gold Reseller.

01844 263777

Hi Cassey, I have now finally had contact from the help centre. It took four messages, a community message on here and a message on Facebook to get any attention after three days. Not great support for a long term user as I’m sure you would agree. Thanks for your help - Paul

Thanks Adam, I will keep that in mind. Many thanks - Paul

Sorry for the slowness in getting a response. Support would not have looked at the forum or Facebook, so the delay was just down to the volume of cases coming in.

Some day in the near future we will have an update that should take care of a lot of the issues leading to Support having such a high volume at the moment. I can’t tell you when that will be posted, but will try to come back here to let you know when it’s ready.