Contact e-mail for SketchUp?

My subscription expired last month, so I clicked on the “buy now” option and paid for a years subscription.

This resulted in downloading a new version (2019) and then It came up with ‘30 day trial’ … I was expecting my licence to kick in once this was over, but it hasn’t and I’m stuck with no access to any of my drawings.

I have tried contacting them through their website but it is coming up with ‘we are experiencing technical difficulties’

I’ve double checked my email I have the invoice / receipt from my payment, but no licence info and It’s saying ‘expired’ when I sign in :frowning:

Anybody got a direct email or phone number ??

Did you purchase the Classic License or the Subscription for SketchUp 2019? How much did you pay?

£282. it was for 1 year subscription

You won’t get a license key with the subscription. When you open SketchUp, you should see a screen that looks something like this. Select the Subscription option and the sign in with the e-mail address and password you used when you bought the subscription.

That is what I am doing and it is saying ‘licence expired’

I’ve worked it out. I had to sign into Trimble and ‘manage users’ and then add myself as a user?!


Ah, yes. There’s that part. My bad for assuming you’d done that. Glad you got it sorted.

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Sorry about the Contact form. They’re all down this morning - even for Sales. SketchUp Support will monitor the Forum this morning for any License/Subscription issues, until the Contact forms are fixed.

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The Contact forms are all working again!

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I have just been experiencing the same exact problem. For anyone who has purchased a subscription plan, but continues to get a notification that says your trial has ‘expired,’ the solution is to log into your Trimble account and add yourself as a user, which will use one of the ‘seats.’