Can't access Sketchup Drawings

When i click on one of my Sketchup drawings it tells me that my 30-day trial has expired. I have paid for a years’ subscription. I can’t find my licence details in any of my emails, I do have the activate account email and I have clicked on the Activate Account tab but the screen that comes up is no help.
When i try to retrieve my l licence details it always asks for my serial number, how can i find my serial number if i cant access the sketchup app?
I have just looked in my account management page and according to that i have no subscription, could someone from Trimble get back to me on that. I paid for a one-year subscription last October so i still have ten months left?
Can anyone help?

Did you try signing out and back in in the welcome screen?
Do that, first.
If your subscription is (automatically) assigned, it should work with the same email address that bought the subscription.

If you have a ‘blueyonder’ email address, make sure to sign in with that one, and not your Yahoo email address.

By which I mean inside of SketchUp. You don’t need to change the email address you use when coming to the forum.

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