Upgrading to 2020 SketchUp Pro

I received an email that the 2020 version is now out so I downloaded 2020 SketchUp Pro to my computer. I went into the Sketchup Wizard and requested my serial and auth code sent to me. I added those into the license portion of Sketchup 2020 and it says its not valid. It says Sketchup Pro 2020 serial numbers begin with letter “V”. In the past, I was able to upgrade as a new year had come out with signing into my account. Do we now have to purchase upgrades or something? Please advise.

Here is how I did it. I visited this link: https://www.sketchup.com/license/renew

I entered my serial number and email address from my 2019 pro version. There I was able to download the 2020 pro version and get the new serial number.

Hope this is helpful.

So that’s exactly what I did but it just resent me my old serial number and activation code which then the 2020 version is stating is invalid.

There is a yearly support/maintenance charge, have you paid that?
You don’t get a free upgrade every year.

Okay, so here is the page I get upon entering my information. Down toward the bottom, there is a box Single-User License. The license serial number is there on mine. See image. And yeah, you do have to pay every year to get the updated serial numbers.

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Mine expired this past year. That would explain it. Ok thank you.

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I get this problem and mine has not expired can someone from Trimble replay please

You may be using a gmail address now, but a bigpond one in the past. If you can check your bigpond email, take a look. I just had your 2020 license sent there.