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Hi I need the phone number for upgrading from 2019 to 2020 Pro. Can’t seem to get it to let me do it through upgrade online. Thanks

Check out the info on THIS PAGE

Thanks for responding, but no number that I can find, been with Sketchup since atlast. Have always been able to upgrade when it went to google? Upgraded fine from2017- 2018 to 2019 I am using pro of course. Contacted support and they sent me a number then my laptop crashed?

Can You help this gentleman?

Is there any chance that your actual system may have changed at some point since @last was responsible. Could there have been some hardware or software updates/upgrades that might have caused an issue or two.

Yes way after that systems change constantly but it more of a mix up with email according to support, with login to Trimble and what is attached to my license. I understand I will have to upgrade my hardware to run 2020. Which I am having done sort of worried they have had my desk top since November?

That’s an excessively long time to spend upgrading a computer. If it’s taking them that long to do it, perhaps you should find someone who is competent to do it instead.

I agree

Maybe you have a common name, and I answered the same question to the same person! I replied to a support email on Jan 31st.

The short version is that you would go here:

enter your 2019 serial number and email, look up licenses, then Renew Support. Then you will get a 2020 license.

The renew support will be $180 instead of $120 because it was due to be renewed on December 4th.

Now, if you did do all of that already and it failed, you can phone in to do the same thing: 303-546-1100, choose option 1.

Yes Colin! Thank you so much!!! I believe you are the support person I was speaking with when I had the crash! Could not login with older login after that.

On the renew support page, where you sign in to checkout, that sign in does not have to be the email on the license. It can be any Trimble or Google ID.

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