Upgrade from 2018 to 2020 version

Good morning

I purchased sketch up in 2018 and have since always renewed the licence, but when someone is sending me something in and 2020 version it is telling me to upgrade.

Can someone please help me on this and tell me how to upgrade to the 2020 version please.

Thank you so much.


check your email for sent license info, if you payed Maintenance, you should have received them, otherwise check here:

Mind you, if you haven’t activated version 2019, but your Maintenance plan wasn’t expired, you basically skipped this version and version 2020 is now active.
You won’t have to uninstall 2018, but close it when installing SketchUp 2020.
First download the latest installer here:

Then run the installer by rightclicking on it and choose ‘Run as Administrator’

If you have any extensions installed in 2018, it is best to install them again in Version 2020

I believe that you have ‘migrated’. You can install 2020 from the link Mike gave, then open SketchUp, and instead of ‘add classic license’, you would sign in with your usual email address.


If, like @colin mentioned, you migrated your license, goto download all and once installed, sign in with your email address (=Trimble ID) that you used to migrate your license.

The license manager page happens to have a button to take you to the downloads page. You’ll end up in the right place.