Atualização Sketchup

Olá boa tarde, tudo bem ?

Foram compradas 3 licenças na versão SketchUp Pro 2019 gostaríamos de saber se é possível atualizar sem nenhum custo ? temos direito a atualização para qual versão ?

Segue licenças.

Hello good afternoon all right ?

3 licenses were purchased in the SketchUp Pro 2019 version, we would like to know if it is possible to upgrade at no cost? Are we entitled to upgrade to which version?



If you purchased SketchUp through a reseller you should contact them with this question. Or try this page: License Manager | SketchUp

It’s not likely that you would be entitled to a no cost upgrade but there might be a discount. Classic licenses are no longer available. There are only subscription licenses.

Hi Dave, thank you for your attention.

I spoke to my dealer and he said SketchUp was purchased directly from Trimble.

I tried to contact Trimble but they said we don’t have support.

I checked in License Manager and see the message:

Maintenance & Support
Your Renewal Date was October 7, 2020
This license cannot be upgraded. To update to the latest version of SketchUp Pro, please review our subscription plans and pricing.

As I understand it is not possible to upgrade to version 2020, it is restricted to version 2019.

Let’s not install the 2020 version without making sure we’re doing it right.


Basically that is telling you that to update SketchUp you will need to purchase a subscription license. This would get you SketchUp 2022. No point in even looking at SketchUp 2020.

If your support has expired in October 2020 you might be entitled to use version 2020. I think v.2021 was released later. You should check your old e-mails for the latest serial and activation code that should have been sent to you when v.2020 was released. @colin has sometimes been able to help…

I understood,

Thanks Anssi

I can’t find any licenses against your email address. Can you say what company name was used for the licenses? I can then check what was the latest version you are entitled to. I think it will end up being what Anssi suggested, that your support ended a month or so before 2021 was released, and that 2020 will be the latest version you have a license for.