Upgrading Pro 2017 to Classic 2019?


My company is currently running SketchUp Pro 2017 (5 licenses). We are looking to upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2019 Classic.

First, is it possible to upgrade my current license to 2019 with out paying the $695 per license? The classic version is advertised as a $120 annual renewal fee, but I’m not sure if this applies to past versions of SketchUp (my 2017 Pro licenses).

Second, if it’s possible to upgrade where do I do so? On the license manager page I don’t see anything about upgrading my current license. I was prompted to download 2019 Classic, but now I need a serial number and authorization code. What am I overlooking?

Any help would be great! Thanks!

You should contact Customer Support to get the correct answer to this question. There is some penalty for skipping versions but I think it’s when you skip more than one version.

You would need to have your Maintenance and Support up to date to have a serial number and authorization code for SketchUp 2019. Again, Customer Support can help you with that. You probably want to talk to Purchasing.

upgrade pricing depends on the status of the maintenance (see “Help > License…” or the SketchUp License Manager):

• maintenace running: upgrade free (license data automatically delivered to the registered e-mail address at the date of release)
• maintenace expired less than 30 days grace period: U$ 120.-
• maintenace expired less than 1 year: U$ 180.-
• maintenace expired more than 1 year and less than 3 years: U$ 240.-
• maintenace expired more than 3 years: n/a (= new license)

Your local reseller can be found here.

There is this page:


If you go there, enter any of your 2017 serial numbers, and the email address you used for the licenses, you will see a list of the state of the license. There is a renew button that should be smart enough to tell you the price it would cost to renew the license.

Once you have renewed you would be given a 2019 license.

I have 2 licenses that have renew buttons with prices. I also have 2 licenses with Maintenance and Support still active. How do I upgrade the active ones to 2019 Classic? Is an upgrade included with active Maintenance and Support?

Assuming that you are in the States, just contact our sales team. If you are outside the US and purchased through one of our resellers, then contact them directly for help with upgrading.