Buying SketchUp Pro 2018

I’m not quite ready to purchase the Pro Version yet because of hardware issues but my understanding is that 2018 Pro is $695 and annual up grades are $120? Sounds like a bargain to me. Or do I misunderstand the program?

I don’t think you misunderstand. Once you pay for the pro license, paying for the annual upgrade would continue tech support direct from SketchUp Tech Support and you’d get the next version when it is released.

so I get a new 2019 license for $120 when it comes out? And the next year a 2020 license for $120 …barring increases

Yeah. Basically. I suppose at some point the price could go up. I think it has gone up once or twice in the over fifteen years I’ve been using it. Way back then and for a very long time it was $95 to upgrade.

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When you buy the license, the first year of maintenance is included, so when 2019 comes out, you’ll get it anyhow, because you allready payed gor it.


maintenance does not provide you with a new (additional) license but the latest version of your exisitng license.

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