I can not upgrade to 2018

I can not upgrade to 2018 version with my license

that’s a shame…

maybe some more details will help us help you…


SketchUp licenses are version-specific. If you are trying to activate SketchUp 2018 using a 2017 or earlier license, it won’t work. You need to get a 2018 license.

Do I have to pay $ 696 every year


I have licence nr but it do not fit to the 2018 version

No, there is a lesser annual fee that entitles you to support and to an upgrade to the next release.

It says
Maintenance & Support
Your Renewal Date was October 16, 2017
Maintenance & Support guarantees you the latest versions of SketchUp
Includes reinstatement fee of $60 USD

In the end it says
$180 USD
One Year
Renew Support

So it’s $120 for the annual maintenance and support plus $60 to reinstate. If you upgrade every year by the renewal date, you’ll continue your maintenance and support contract and get the license for the next version when it is released.

What version are you upgrading from?

The license doesn’t expire for the version you purchased but it is only good for that version.

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