SketchUp licence

if i renew my licence will i get sketch up 2017 for the whole year are will i have to pay the 695$ too its telling me it is only 180$ to renew licence i just want to make sure if i do this i won’t have to buy the program again after.

You’ll get a license for SketchUp 2017 for $180.

ok thanks dave

It sure looks like that dialog says the new expiration date is 11/23/2017, which is a year from today (11/23/2016.)

yes and the only reason i was asking was cause it only said maintenance and support and the price was lower then i spent last time so was just double checking before i threw the money out there. its all good now I’m set up till November 2017

looking at it now i guess it was probably stupid question but i have done some stupid stuff in the past that i couldn’t reverse so why not ask the question a question don’t cost nothing.

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yes, I was teasin’ you just a lil’ bit. :wink:

Unless something has drastically changed, your SU software may be used indefinitely, even after license expiration.

yes your right about that but i did want the new excel charts that came with layout 2017 so i had to upgrade.

the license never expires, what expires is the maintenance runtime.

OK so perhaps the phrase should have read “license period expiration”.

no, the license never expires.

Wow, man we are really going roung and round here. I know that the license does not expire, but what I am simply attempting to express is that there is a one year period after which a new license must be obtained to use a new version of the software.

Yeah we went from buying it outright to now having to subscribe thanks trimble

this is still wrong again, you shouldn’t mix up license, version and maintenance runtime.

obtaining an optional upgrade resp. renewing the maintenance (btw avail for 2/3 years too by the resellers) does not lead to a “new license” but extents the maintenance runtime of the existent license which enables to use the latest version …with appropriate license data for product activation of course.

wrong, you can use your license without any runtime limitation in the boundaries of the system requirements of course… but yes, there is no endless lifetime guarantee for getting new main versions for free, as with all other makers of commercial software too.

I wasn’t expecting endless as I went from SKP 3 to whenever they got on board the maintenance upgrade rip off path but that set the theme up to then and now I begrudge having to pay every month - sorry

How are you paying every month? I didn’t know SketchUp had a subscription base licence as well, to my knowledge the licence is perpetual and you have the option of maintenance / support (for an annual fee) which also entitles you to upgrades as they come along within that time period.

Every year (!) I don’t upgrade every year, I wait until the baiting of new functions gets to much…like most people I suppose

Each to his own I suppose. Currently the annual maintenance is US$120, then there is a US$60 reinstatement fee which is only applicable if you don’t have active maintenance in place. I’m not sure how they handle it when you skip multiple years though…