SketchUp Pro License

Hi, just 1 clarification. Does sketchup only valid for 1 year and then it will become illegal to use. This is what my IT dept told me. Due to that, they unistalled the software from my PC

NOT TRUE. Your IT Dept. got it wrong. Tell them to put it back. The SketchUp license is valid in perpetuity. That is, you can use your licensed version of SU forever (under the current TOS).

SU’s maintenance agreement is a different thing entirely and that is renewable on an annual basis; this authorizes users to obtain the next upcoming release at a lower price than the standard first time purchase. Bear in mind that once a version of SU is purchased its license does not expire.

A member of the SketchUp team can explain this much better than I, and someone will probably chime in during regular business hours.


Meanwhile, here is some specific material dealing with SketchUp licensing, directly from the company website:

during the maintenance period (1/2/3 year(s)) all maintenance releases as well as all new main versions are included for free.