If I purchase a pro license!

Hello there
I wonder, If i buy SketchUp Pro 2018 can i still use it in 2019 and beyond without upgrading? Or are you forced to upgrade?
I do not have the finances to upgrade or renew every year as i’m a small business.
Love the program and i’m sorry to see the free version being cut to peaces (small peaces :frowning: ). But after working with it for donkeys years for free i suppose i can start paying for it as long i don’t have to every year.
Can someone clarify if i can keep using 2018 for donkeys years without upgrading.
Thanks Makki

SketchUp Pro licenses are version-specific, so you can’t use a 2018 license on anything except SketchUp 2018. But the license does not expire, so you can keep using 2018 as long as you like.


I’m wondering, what will happen if Makki will keep using the 2018 license without upgrading for a couple of years and then decide to directly jump to, let’s say, SketchUp 2021? Will they have to pay only for the regular upgrade price or will they need to fully purchase a stand-alone 2021 version?

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if buying now, then v2019 will most likely be a free upgrade…

when the ‘maintenance’ expires any future upgrades carry a plenty fee dependent on time of lapse…

When your subscription is close to ending, we will email you renewal reminders. You will have the option to enable automatic renewals when you purchase or renew your Maintenance and Support subscription. As mentioned earlier, if your subscription lapses, you have a 30-day grace period to renew your subscription. The cost is $120 for a single-user license or $200 per network license seat per year. (To add additional network seats, contact our Sales team.)After the 30-day grace period, you need to pay a reinstatement fee in addition to your subscription cost. The price is $60 for single-user license reinstatement or $100 for network licenses to be reinstated. So for a single-user license, you pay $120 for the annual subscription and a $60 reinstate fee, for a total of $180. For a network license, you pay $200 for the annual subscription and a $100 reinstatement fee for a total of $300.

As the time passes after your Maintenance & Support has ended the cost to reinstate the service will increase. If it’s been longer than 1 year since your Maintenance and Support Plan has lapsed then the cost to reinstate will be $120 for Single User licenses and $200 for Network licenses. So for a single-user license, you pay $120 to upgrade your license and $120 to re-enroll in the program for a total of $240. For a network license, you pay $200 to upgrade your license and $200 to re-enroll in the program for a total of $400.



Don’t give them any painful ideas :face_with_head_bandage:

Thanks, fair enough. Painful enough to :grinning:, but have giving me something to think about :thinking:

Since you are a small business you don’t have the choice to use Make or Free (and this is the main reason for loosing the Make evolution btw.).


3 years after the maintenance runtime has lapsed no upgrade is available any more, i.e. buying a new full icense is required.


Hello Cotty I don’t really understand why i wouldn’t have a choice because of my small business. And why that would be the reason of loosing the make version. Sorry but i really do not understand, what part am i missing ?

Because the licence for Make expressly forbids using it for commercial purposes. And using it for a small business is a commercial purpose.

You do have a choice whether or not to upgrade from one year to the next, or not at all, for your Pro licence. It remains valid, and the software will continue to work, unless an Operating System or hardware change stops it working.


SketchUp Make is not to be used in any commercial setting, as explained in the EULA: https://www.sketchup.com/license/b/sketchup-make

If you’re using SketchUp for commercial business, you will need to purchase a Pro license. Please refer to John’s post above detailing the Maintenance and Support options as it relates to upgrades.


SketchUp Make > v8 is licensed for ‘Non Commercial Use’ without exceptions for frequency of use or business size…

you agreed to this if you downloaded any version since v13, as have millions of Make users…

Some of us [forum members] believe abuse of the terms of service has contributed to the planned demise of Make, although no official statement was made confirming that…

Many of the recent complaints [about the demise] appear to come from business’s that will suffer now this ‘loophole’ is closing…

My advice, buy v18 and get v19 as part of the included maintenance, and decide in 12 months if the 33 cents per day renewal fee is worth it…



Now that makes sense! Don’t wake a sleeping dog, so to say.
Better start looking in to the future before getting in to trouble :wink:
Ps never earned any penny of it …Yet…But would love to ! Hence i’m looking
in for the pro version. Thanks for good replies

The fact that you earn money or not has nothing to with ‘commercial’ use. There are software developers that work that way, though, but SketchUp is not one of them

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Though I bought the pro version recently, I still wish there was a mid grade version for half price. I bought a new computer to run the new version - but haven’t had the time to plug it in and transfer all my data. Such a pain doing upgrades and learning win 10 - I am a win 7 guy but it too is sadly fading away.

I had to upgrade my phone - I went from HTC 1 which I like but the speakers are ■■■■ - too quiet - to a Galaxy S8 but hate the adjustment / learning curve.

So I dunno how this new version of SU is yet.

Like wise I don’t use SU enough to justify a $120 annual fee. Hence my whining about a mid version.

Edit - Wow. That wasn’t even a cuss word. Common parlance. In the regular dictionary. What have we become?

I have Make 2017 and am just learning to use it. The Pro cost is a large outlay for a private individual like me, but look at what you get, this is not a trivial product Rhino would cost more and has a longer learning curve. If I compare it to other applications: MS Visio pro costs $590 and it is basically 2D, it isn’t aiming to be a pure architectural and design tool but it is hugely expensive for what it is; my Adobe Creative membership costs me over $600 a year and although this is a whole suite of programs it still makes an initial outlay of $695 followed by $120 a year sound like not a bad deal.

Whilst a ‘mid-point’ cost would be welcome I can’t see how it can be administered to guarantee users are playing fair. Makki you have shown this from your comments in this thread; I’m sure it was entirely innocent as you were not ‘making money’ from the product; but, you are a small business so you should have paid.

So it’s a choice, I want to use the software so I will bite the bullet and purchase it next year. I won’t eat so much chocolate next year!

Thank you Trimble for a brilliant product. And thank you Forum members for being so helpful.



I get that software companies like Trimble are trying to monetize their products, and the popular method nowadays are annual subscriptions. The problem i have is that if one lets their subscription lapse because they feel the new features are not worth the upgrade, we get penalized for not renewing with a full year’s re-enroll fee even though, and this is the important part, was not able to use the software. Another words, paying for something we didn’t use. I would hope that Trimble, (and every software company that charges annual subscriptions) would revise their EULA to reflect that if your constituency does not feel that the particular year’s upgrade does not contain the features that are acceptable to them they should not have to be charged for it. It’s sort of a helpless feeling with EULA’s; you do not have to agree to them but then you can’t use the software. The software industry has evolved into the only industry that does this. When you turn on your TV you do not have to sign a EULA to watch. When you get in your car, other than following traffic rules, you do not have to sign off on a EULA to drive. And the argument that no one is forcing you to use their software is such a straw-man argument. It’s like saying one does not have to hire a lawyer, but if you want a chance to win one’s case…

yeah, right, it is the only industry where it is applicable ?!?
Don’t you think that TV-manufacturers have payed and signed for software they use in their TV’s?
Or car manufacturers for theirs? And don’t you think you’ve payed for it, by buying that?
It is exactly like hiring a lawyer to win your case, a profesional to get the job doen within time etc.

you do in the UK and other countries the require a TV licence…

you can even be jailed for not complying…




I hope you missed my point. I can go to any tv, watch NBC and view their broadcast without agreeing to a EULA. But my main point was paying a renew fee for skipping an update and thus being charged for a product I did not get to use.