Upgrades to Sketchup Pro


I am considering purchasing Sketchup Pro after having used Sketchup Make for a number of years. I cannot seem to find any information on what future upgrades will cost. Does anyone know if this information exists and if so how can I find it.


It’s covered in the maintenance fee so $120 a year or whatever it is in your country.

If you don’t have the subscription then I guess the upgrade is full price.

When you buy a SketchUp Pro license, you receive a one year Maintenance and Support Subscription. While your subscription is active, you have the following benefits:

Predictable upgrade expenses: During the term of your subscription, you’re entitled to any major upgrades of SketchUp Pro we release. After that term ends you can renew your subscription for another year of predictable upgrade expenses. For a single-user license, you can renew for $120 per year. For a network license, you can renew for $200 per seat, per year


Thank you
That is precisely what I needed.
fred p


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