Can't open sketchup

I purchased sketchup pro 2 years ago and use it on my laptop. I upgraded to the 2023 version and now when I try to open sketchup it says I don’t have a license and asks if I want to start a trial version.

Can someone help?

Did you purchase a classic or subscription license ?

SketchUp is a subscription service with yearly payment. If your subscription is valid, you ought to be able to use the latest version by signing in with the same e-mail you used with the previous version.

If you bought a classic license in 2021, you can’t update anymore, there aren’t classic licenses updates for newer sketchup versions, if you want to use the latest release you must get a subscription license, but you can still use the 2021 version you have permanently.

You did seem to have a Pro subscription for a year, but during that time turned off auto renew. That one expired June 22nd, and you have been running in trial mode since yesterday. The trial expires on August 2nd. It’s too late to renew the subscription that expired in June, so at this point you would start a new subscription.

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