Question about SketchUp pro

I was looking at my licensing and it says I have the most current version of SketchUp Pro 2023 but when I go to classic license it says I don’t have a classic license shouldn’t I have one since I have SketchUp Pro 2023.

Classic licenses aren’t sold anymore, this were perpetual licenses for a sketchup version, the last one was sold with sketchup 2021, this licenses let you use the version you bought for an unlimited time, you had support for a year and you could also update to a newer version paying a fee. Since sketchup 2022 the only licensing mode is subscription, this allows you to use the latest version available as any previous version still supported as long as you pay for the annual fee, if you decide to cancel the subscription you won’t be able to use any version of sketchup pro. The classic license had a serial code that you could add on the licensing menu and activate sketchup, I don’t know why this still kept on recent versions of sketchup since no one can get a serial code anymore.