Which is the "Last" version of sketchup we were allowed to purchase?

Which is the “Last” version of Sketchup we were allowed to purchase? I have been upgrading since version 4, but seem to have hit a wall at Sketchup Pro 2017, I can only find subscriptions after that date! (We don’t do subscriptions)
Thanks Mattee

I believe the last version for which you could purchase a Classic license was SketchUp 2020 but at this point I think it is too late to buy that license. You are probably stuck with what you have. Might be entitled to SU 2018 if you had paid for maintenance and support for it.

The last date that you could buy a permanent license was November 4th 2020. As those come with 12 months of upgrades, the last permanent version you could own was the 2021 version, even though the last one you bought was 2020.

There have been promotions for people who had an existing Classic license. Your 2017 Pro license could be enough to at least get some discount if you want to try out a subscription for a while. You could call sales and see if there are any promotions you would fall under. Their number is:

303-546-1100, option 1. That would connect you to the sales person for your region. Or fill out the sales contact form: Contact Sales | SketchUp Help