2017 vs 2021 Pro

I have a perpetual license for 2017 Pro.
Wondering if anyone can tell me of anything in particular I’m missing by not upgrading.
Also, not sure if perpetual license is available for 2021 anyway.
Recommendations/ options as to how to proceed appreciated.

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There have been improvements in Layout, and some in SU.

None are life changing, but see the release notes, and decide if any are important to you.


Google for “Sketchup release notes” to find what was new in versions 2018, 2019 and 2020.

You can no longer purchase a permanent licence for any version of SU, only an annual subscription (but an existing permanent licence should continue to work indefinitely) until a new OS or hardware incompatibility makes it stop working.


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Thanks guys. Started reading through some of the changes and stopped at 2018…
Definitely some inferencing upgrades in there that I have been missing to produce my current project.

Bottom line is however…?
If I want to upgrade to any of the 2018+ releases I will need to go from my perpetual license to subscription?

Yes. And at this point the only version you could by the subscription for is 2021.

OK thanks for the clarification. At this point it’s a hard sell for me to myself to go on subscription.
Thinking that most of what I’m really missing is probably available in a plug in.
Guess I’m gonna be like the hard headed/ smart (?!) 80 year old draftsman that’s still running R14 haha.

You can still keep the 2017 and use it alongside of the 2021 subscription.