SU 2020 upgrade or go with yearly subscription?

Community - What are your thoughts? Thank you, Billy G

I have been using SU17 and have an option to upgrade to 2020 or go with the new subscription?

Have been using SU17 successfully for 3 years, Why should I go with a yearly subscription when I can get SU2020 and use that for the next 3 years?

If I get the subscription and it ends will everything continue to work with the prior subscription?
thank you

I think I found a 2018 license for you. You could update that to 2020, for $240, and would get 12 months of support starting now. That would be certain to entitle you to the next few updates, and then in October next year you would still have the latest version as a permanent license, and could think again about whether to take a special deal to keep under support by having a subscription for the following 1 or 2 years.

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Thank you Colin,
I believe I read somewhere I would need to do this by November?
also, can you send me the information you found and point me to where to renew?

Thanks much,

I will send a direct message to you.

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