Classic Pro use with Pro 2020


I have been using Sketchup Pro for several years with a classic license and paying the relatively low annual fee for updates. I tried to upgrade to Pro 2020 and I can not use my old license to activate it. I am being asked to purchase Pro 2020 as a new user even when I sign in with my old account info.

Is Pro 2020 not available with my old license? Do I have to purchase it for the full price as an annual subscription?

Please help.



Which old version are you currently using? Your profile is incomplete.

If you have been keeping up on the maintenance and support you should be able to get a license for 2020. You can go to the SketchUp site and check. If you are more than several years out of the maintenance and support you would need to by a new license.

Apologies, just discovered I had not paid the fee last year, thought I had. Going through it now.



I bet you’re the first person to activate a classic license in March 2020!

One thing to note, before adding your classic license you triggered the 30 day trial, and you will still see mention of that in the license window. It’s referring to a trial of SketchUp Studio. If you want to check out VR headset support, or Sefaira, you have until mid March to continue trying it.

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