Upgrades from 2019 to 2020

I have just noticed there is a new version of the SketchUp Pro 2019 to 2020. Can we download it and log into it with our 2019 login until our year subscription runs out or do we need to re-up our subscription to be able to do so?

Are there any migration tools so that we can add all of our previous plugins, templates and such or do we need to manually copy things over?

Please send help when possible.


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The same subscription license should work. For now there are no tools to help migrate. For extensions it is recommended to download anew from the sources to make sure you have the most recent versions; templates can be copied.

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I just paid for the extension of the Maintenance and Support agreement which mentioned that I’d be entitled to “Upgrades to new major versions of SketchUp Pro when they become available, Maintenance releases and Technical support.” but my licence apparently is not good for SketchUp 2020. How the hell does this work? I wouldn’t have paid 110 Euros on top of an expensive Classic licence just to keep using SketchUp 2019 for no reason…

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go here and insert your licence details as per prompts

Old license info doesn’t seem to work for me ( 2018 to 2020 ) maybe 2019 to 202 will?
You need to go the your license manager. The older license for me has changed from one beginning with UA to VA for 2020. Then an authorization code has to be sent to go with it.

I had submitted an email for the a new authorization code to be sent yesterday but still not received it.

Well that was unintuitive…
Thank you for the help, I’ll book mark this for next time.

Generally within the week after a new version releases, they start sending out e-mails with new license info for Classic license holders who are up to date with their Maintenance and Support. It does take a few days to get all of those e-mails sent out. Fortunately there’s no reason to panic because they have 30 days from the day they install 2020 to get the license installed. And fortunately for those who are impatient, the link provided by Julian makes it so they don’t have to wait for that e-mail.


I can’t see any requests from you, so I used the License Manager to send your license to you. Look for an email that just arrived.

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Now everyone will expect you to send them e-mails. :wink:

I delegate the sending to the license manager page.

Thanks Colin, that’s very kind of you to give this your attention. I sent tests to the email address on file to be sure it works, but I still haven’t received the one from the license manager. Checked spam etc.
Clicking on the “email my authorization code” in the license manager yesterday/today doesn’t seem to work?? Maybe there’s a glitch there or a back log?
I’m in no hurry so good to wait for the “official notification” when it comes.

I have sent an email from support, let’s see if that arrives.

Thank you Julian!

I’ll say. Thank you for getting that answered.

I still can’t get this thing to work…