Upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2020.1 ...?

(Mac version).
I’m in the middle of some deadlines and while I’ve watched a few of the help videos and feel confident enough with the interface changes, I’m just wondering whether now is the best time to upgrade… i.e. will anything like my templates, extensions, SU Podium, etc, get messed up and cause me to have to spend time fixing… ? (time I don’t really have available right now!).
Or do I just download and install and everything will be rosy… ?!


Hi Paul,

Are you upgrading from 2018? If so, I think I’d wait until I had a little free time. The user interface in SU isn’t that different. Mostly just the change from Layers to Tags. You would probably want to import your templates and you’d need to install your extensions again. It’s all stuff that’s not hard to do but it will take you away from getting your work done.

I’m sure Dave is giving some good advice on migrating as I type this. But one thing to know, you don’t have to remove 2018. If things go horribly wrong you can still work on your deadlines using 2018.

How are you Dave?
I’m actually upgrading from SketchUp Pro 2019. (v19.3.252)
but I’ll take your advice and hold off until next weekend!

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Hi all… I messed up.
I’ve got time this weekend so I made a list of the extensions I use (just in case), saved my templates on an external drive (just in case) and then installed SketchUp Pro 2020.1.


I missed the note about deactivating my SUPodium licence first…

So, I have SketchUp 2019 already installed and working with SUPodium v2.6
AND I have installed SketchUp 2020.1

I will stop using SU 2019 as soon as I’m comfortable, but meanwhile, how do I now activate SUPodium in SketchUp 2020 please?!?

Sorry… I know… schoolboy error!

[menu]Extensions->SU Podium->license

SketchUp 2020 doesn’t have a [menu]Extensions.
Perhaps because I’m on a Mac…?
Do you mean Extension Manager? if so, SU Podium doesn’t appear, (perhaps because I was supposed to deinstall if from SketchUp 2019…?)

If you have downloaded the latest version of SU Podium then it would probably be a .rbz file. That should be installed through the [menu]Window->Extension Manager there is a red ‘Install Extension’ button on the lower left side.
The latest version should cope with previous activations.

I was wondering if I had to de-install SU 2020, then deinstall Podium from 2109 and then reinstall SU 2020, and the extension would appear in the extension manager for me to add the license number…?
But you’re saying I can ignore the advice from SUPodium to deinstall it, so it will work for both versions?

If it’s not in the menu, then you don’t have it installed.

Like I said. It is installed and working fine for SketchUp 2019.

then, you should be able to deactivate in [menu]Extensions->SU Podium V2.6->License (not sure if it is called license, but it should be in that context menu)
You can deactivate the license there.

But, as I said, the latest version of SU Podium should deal with that, meaning, if you install in version 2020, it pick’s up the license automatically.