SU 2020 Released?

I’ve just read Matt Donely’s review, and I’m sure some of you here have been using it for a few weeks or months.

So what are your views?

edit: How do I draw in gallons?

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Not sure if you’re being sarcastic about the gallons, lol, but it’s for volume measurement display. Window > Model Info > Units > Decimal > Volume


I was kidding Matt, I assumed those were volumes.

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Sorry! Usually, when I assume people are joking, I end up insulting someone lol.


2020 is available at the All Downloads page! :smiley:

(And 2017 is still there, which is great news for hobbyists!)


I’m picking this is some kind of error on the Sketchup teams side.
The release notes are still showing 2019.3 as the latest version and there is no official announcements that I can find.

The doors are slowly opening, so you cannot see it all at once


If you go to my article, I have a link to the release notes

EDIT: Looks like the official release notes have been posted on the website

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Reading that right now, thanks.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: What’s the difference between “formally” and “formerly”? :wink:

A new star shines!

I wonder when the astrologists see the next version, let me guess, in 2021?

By the way, in 2020 you can swap the sky gradient against a photo


Here’s the official announcement: SketchUp 2020 has landed!

Just installed and after logging into my Trimble account it’s saying my 30 day trial is already over!

I already have a licenced copy of 2019…

@paul.mcalenan Do you have a classic or subscription license? You might just need to log back in. Go to Help > Manage License

Classic license.

Signed out and started 2020 again.

It forces me to sign in via my browser (latest Chrome) and then the browser page is directed to a localhost IP.

SU 2020 says my 30 day trial is over and is inviting me to either buy or add my classic licence.

2020 won’t recognise my 2019 licence.

I think my maintenance period is over and I need to decide to renew but if I can’t try 2020 then how can I decide to renew…?

What do you mean with ‘sign in’?
You also try to enter license info.
Do you have an active Trimble ID?

Yeah, I definitely see your point.

Regarding it redirecting to a browser, that all sounds normal. But I’d imagine that it should give you a 30-day trial even if your maintenance agreement has lapsed. So that part doesn’t sound right. Not sure what to say. Hopefully someone from the SketchUp team can help

When I start 2020, SU pops up a dialog box asking me to sign in.

I click the sign in button and a Chrome window opens at the Trimble log in page.

I log into what I believe is an active Trimble account successfully.

The 2020 dialog box then then says my 30 day trial is over.

If I try to enter my 2019 licence details 2020 says that my licence is not a valid 2020 licence.

It’s never been possible to use a license for one version in another.

When you installed SketchUp 2020 did you do so correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

The fact that your maintenance and support was allowed to expire should not prevent you from using the trial period for 2020 but if you had kept it up to date, you would be sent a license for 2020 in a day or so. At least that’s the way it has worked for previous versions.

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Licence transfer - I know that.

Yes I did install as Administrator - it’s mentioned relentlessly on the forum.

And people still don’t do it so we still need to ask.

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