Upgrading SU Pro 2022 to 2023

Hello All, I am working with SU Pro 2022. Version 2023 does not appear to be an upgrade, but re-installs the program alongside version 2022.

Only my extensions installed in 2022 are not carried over into 2023.

Is there any way to upgrade 2022 to 2023 so that all settings and extensions are retained? Or is there any way to manually convert the extensions from 2022 to 2023?

Settings and shortcuts are ported over to the new version when you update, but extensions are not.
You can manually copy the contents of your extensions folder to the new version (omit the SketchUp-supplied extensions!) but it is better to install new compatible versions where applicable.

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do we also need to copy our own templates, scrapbooks etc across for Layout?

I end up asking questions like these every time there is a big upgrade, because i just forget. it would be great if there was a read-me file attached to the upgrade download.

Hi Paul,

Yes you’ll need to copy the template and scrapbook files you want to keep over.

Thank you Anssi!

thanks Dave
but as I do every year, I’ve forgotten where they are. I thought I remembered that they are kept (on a Mac) in. Users > Paul > Library (which is hidden) > … but they’re not there…
so where do i copy my LO scrapbooks and templates, and my SU templates from?!
thanks in advance!

HA! got it.
so for anyone else who is struggling (or is out only me?!?!?)
Users > [Paul] > Library (which is hidden) > Application Support > SketchUp 2022

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I think it should be under your user/Library/Application Support/…

I really would like to look forward to the annual SU upgrade. Right now, for the last few years, with frankly minimal improvements, I lose my extensions and worse, the use of my 3Dconnexion space navigator. Getting the extensions back is less painful than the SN (which I still haven’t got back) but why did we have to do this? Why not just have a true upgrade and maintain the users working environment instead of installing a new program? Or give the option to upgrade v reinstall. @TheOnlyAaron said last year it’s a good opportunity to do some housekeeping. Maybe so - but what if im already happy with my house? The next part of the pain of the annual upgrade is that I’d rather not. Id rather have the option to keep using SU 22 - WITHOUT having to pay more - under a perpetual license. But no, I have to pay for minimally useful improvements. Isn’t it time to review the whole upgrade process, SU?

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Seems to me that @TheOnlyAaron got around that by reinstalling the latest driver.

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That definitely didn’t work for me. Still working on it.

There are two locations where extension get loaded from, the user appdata (~/library/Application Data on Mac) and the ProgramData (Library on Mac).
The SketchUp 2023 in the general library or programdata might not exist yet, unless you installed V-Ray.
That’s where the 3Dconnexion files should go.

It doesn’t exist for me - can I just create it and copy the 3dconnexion files from the Sketchup 2022 folder?

Um - nope. That doesn’t work.

Can you share a screenshot from that folder?
Did you exited SketchUp?


Yes - rebooted.

Don’t have access to a Mac, currently.
Not sure if changing the name of that folder to SketchUp 2023 (capital U) will make any difference.


It did! It now works. Well, there you go. Thanks @MikeWayzovski you’re this years saviour !

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Anssi is right, though (and as i mentioned in my post further up) I forget every year, and end up having to ask this forum.
I did again this year, but am now regretting it. I’ve upgraded. Reimported all my extensions (about six). Reset my templates, and got working again.
Very slowly.
My Mac is getting on a bit (2019 iMac, 3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7) but it was quite a bit faster with Layout 2022 than it is with 2023, - select something and hit a key to move it, and there is a 1 second delay before it moves…

I’m still using su 2018 because the upgrades are so painful. I tired 2020 little things, like the ability to use 2 screens didn’t work on 2020. Tech support tried to make it right and was unable because i use a docking station. other software makes upgrades seemless.