Lost ALL extensions when upgrading to 2023

Hi All,

Just upgraded to Sketchup Pro 23.1.341 and LOST all extensions in the process. I have no idea where they are or how to get them back.

Im on deadline, so I tried to switch back to 2022, but it wouldn’t even let me sign in.

Please Help!

Some may be here:

C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\Plugins

Im on a mac, so this is not possible unfortunately

Apologies - I didn’t check your profile.

It is possible but it’s another folder, I don’t remember which one, you should enable the hidden folders, the shortcut is Shift+Cmnd+(.) dot. If you use the sketchucation plugin store on the older sketchup version when you install it on the new one it will ask you if you want to download and install the plug-ins you installed using their store on the newer version. But the best is to download and install again all the plug-ins from the sketchup extension warehouse or the sketchucation store, there are always updates that are necessary for some plug-ins to run on a newer sketch up version.

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If you upgraded from SU2022, then you must reinstall extensions into SU2023.
They are not migrated automatically. Never have been.

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I’ll quote @slbaumgartner
You can use Finder->Go->Go To Folder and copy-paste the following in the dialog prompt:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp/Plugins

to see the 22 extension folder

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/Plugins

to see the 23 extension folder.

(I found this topic in seconds, by typing “extension folder mac” into the search bar)

you have 3 choices

  • you can simply copy from 22 to 23, but it’s at your own risk, some extensions will make SU23 crash. that’s why the transfer is not automated. there are thousand of extensions, some not developed anymore, SU can’t keep track of it all. Doing the copy method might require uninstalling / reinstalling some stuff by hand still. I know I had to, couple extensions made my SU23 top bar crash when I copied them. reinstalling fixed them.

  • you can reinstall manually from the extension warehouse what you need. if you don’t use many of them, it’s a valid solution, allows you to do some cleanup.

  • if you use sketchucation, you can install your SU22 bundle into your SU23 with one click.


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