Extensions missing after 2018 upgrade

I just upgraded from SketchUp 2017 Pro to SketchUp 2018 Pro and all of the extensions I had accessible in 2017 seem to be completely gone. I am using a Macbook Pro with High Sierra v 10.13.2. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m kind of new to SketchUp, so I’m prepared to hear that the answer is right in front of my nose =)

Each version of SketchUp installs separately from the others. The extensions aren’t gone, they just don’t get copied from the older installation to the new. SU2017 Pro should still be installed unless you uninstalled it yourself.

Best practice is to install fresh copies of all your extensions to make sure you have the most current versions installed. Don’t copy them from the older version unless you like chasing load errors.


Thanks Dave.
That’s good to know, and yes 2017 is still installed. Do you have a suggestion of how I would install fresh copies of my extensions?

Go to their sources. Sign in to the Extension Warehouse and you should be able to install your extensions automatically. This applies to extensions you get from there. If you got any from Sketchucation using their Extension Store tool, install a fewsh copy of that from Sketchucation, sign in and install your bundle. Other extensions you’ll need to download manually and install.

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