Moving Extensions From 2017 to 2018

Hey guys, I have been using 2018 for several days now and love the new features. But I am having, for me, a pretty big issue…I kept 2017 and now when I try to load the extensions I most use into he new version, Extension Warehouse shows them already loaded, i.e. the red button says “uninstall”. It is apparently reading the 2017 revision though I’m in 2018. So, the question is, is there a way to migrate the extensions over or load them directly into the new versions while keeping my old version? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…Mick C

For me it was easy, anytime I get an extension it is saved in a folder on my HD. To add them to 2018 was quick and painless, select one and install.

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I think I saw a post in another thread that described copying the extensions from one folder for 2107 to another folder for 2018, at least in the Mac file system. I need to do that myself.

Copying extensions from an older version to a new version is not a good idea unless you enjoy chasing down the errors you might get from copying the older versions of the extensions. Best practice is to install fresh, up-to-date copies. Most of the extensions will either come from the Extension Warehouse or from Sketchucation. If you go to the Extension Warehouse directly in sketchUp and click on My Extensions under your name in the upper right corner, you can automatically install the extensions you’ve installed from there, before. If you’re using the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool to install extensions from SCF, download and install the fresh copy of the Plugin Store tool and use it to install your bundle from the previous version. In both cases you get the most up to date versions of the extensions.


That sounds wise. I was thinking, you wouldn’t want to copy the STL plugin since it’s now included in 2018.

While poking around, I noticed on a Mac, most of the plugins are in the user’s library folder, but one of my extensions, SU Podium, is in a global library. It still needs to need to be reinstalled since it’s still in a SU2017 specific folder.

(BTW, for Mac users, the user’s library folder is normally hidden from the user. It seems Apple doesn’t want users messing with these files too much, but if you hold down the option key with the Go menu in the Finder, the secret folder shows up and you can go there.)

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Yes. That’s true. I use a new version as an opportunity to clean house, too. I don’t install extensions I wasn’t using anyway.

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That is super cool, Dave! It worked and I learned something new. Thank you!


some insist on putting themselves there for ‘all Users’ on the computer…

it’s wrong IMHO, they should at least ask…

also, try the ‘colin method’ for opening the Library… [ if dave can have one, why not @colin ]

highlight the next line for the User one…

~/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2018/SketchUp/Plugins

then R-Click >> Services >> Reveal/Open in Finder…


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I’ve just downloaded and installed Sketchup Pro 2018 and it seems ok so far.

I’ve installed Skatter from afresh and that’s good to go.

Having a little problem with Thea, although I’m dealing with that on their forum.

The main question that I’d like to ask concerns Fedo’s extensions. I only have a couple, and was going to install them from scratch, like @DaveR suggests. Only thing is, are Fredo’s Extensions compatible with Pro 2018?

Many thanks


In a word, Yes!

Thank you @DaveR Unbelievably quick reply!

Away I go to install :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


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To add one more piece of info: if you have migrated to macOS High Sierra, DO NOT copy Fredo’s extensions across, reinstall the latest from sketchUcation. There is an issue with High Sierra ordering of files that causes a bug in earlier versions of Fredo’s extensions.

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