Transferring Plugins From 17 to 18

I apologize if this has been asked already but how do you go about transferring your plugins from 17 to 18?

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Best practice is to install fresh instead of copying from the older version.

If you have extensions from Sketchucation, download and install the SCF extension store and let it install your bundle of extensions from SCF.

You are a fount of great information and help @DaveR. You’ve answered my question before I even asked it. Thank you.

Luckily I don’t have many Extensions installed. I’m just hoping they all work as well with 18 as with 17.

I think we need a “What plugins are broken in 2018” megathread for those who really rely on SketchUp for work!

I was thinking you might ask that question. :wink:

Do you mean as in what extensions don’t work in SU2018 that did work in SU2017? If so, If haven’t seen any although I’ve made sure to install the newest versions of the extensions I use. Authors like Fredo6 and Thom Thom and TIG have made updates to many of theirs in recent weeks. If you aren’t AR about keeping them up to date, now’s the time.

Edited… thanks Dave

I’m a bit confused.

I’ve signed in to Extension Warehouse in SU2018 but I don’t see the list of my extensions so how do I enable them?

In the EW window within SU put your cursor over your name in the top right corner and a drop down will appear, one of the options is My Extensions.

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How about reinstalling paid/purchased plugins? Do we have to repurchase each plugin every time we upgrade? We use multiple copies of SketchUp every day and this upgrade process is a nightmare. +/- 30 plugins and I have to install every single one on each computer. Each template we use has to be installed at each location/user profile. So far I am 70% of the way through one computer and I am tempted to just stick with 2017 to so we can just get back to work. :-/

You shouldn’t have to but you should check with the author to make sure. The commercially extensions I use recognize me when I enter my log in info when I apply the key from the e-mail I’ve got or their license servers.

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