What is the best way to migrate plugins from the Extension Warehouse when upgrading to SU2018Pro



Hi all,

I hate upgrading to a newer version of SketchUp. However when I finally got around to upgrading from 2017 to 2018, I’ve found that my Extensions Warehouse indicates I have all my 2017 plugins, but they are actually not in 2018. So when I select them, I only get Disable or Uninstall options within 2018, I can;'t install them again. When I try to uninstall them from 2018 (with the intention of reinstalling them) I get a error message “The extension could not be uninstalled for an unknown reason.” I’ve checked my AppData plugin folders and they are in the 2017 plugin folder but not in the 2018 plugin folder. If I manually copy them over, they still do not load in 2018. How do I get my 2018 setup the same way my 2017 was? I already have to create new toolbars (to match 2017), re-create my trays and manually copy over my custom templates - argh. Why can’t SU just migrate these settings after all these years!


Each installation of SketchUp is a stand alone program. Some things like keyboard shortcuts can get picked up by the new installation if you install it correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator. Extensions and plugins do not get migrated from your previous extensions folder for a very good reason. Often, extensions need to be updated to work with the newer SketchUp version. If SketchUp just copied the extensions from your SU2017 installation to the SU2018 installation, it’s very likely that there would be a bunch of load errors and then we would have users complaining about that.

If you enjoy chasing load errors and solving them, you certainly can copy the extensions from your 2017 installation however it would be better to use the Extension Warehouse to automatically install any extensions you got from the EW. Go to Window>Extension Warehouse and sign in. Hover the cursor over your name and select My Extensions. Click on Install All. This will ensure you have the latest versions of all those extensions.

If you have extensions from Sketchucation and used the SCF Extension Store to install them, you can download the current version of the SCF Plugin Store tool, sign in, and install your extension bundle automatically.


Thanks Dave,

Unfortunately it doesn’t say Install All in that upper corner, it says Update All | Uninstall All in the newly upgraded 2018 even though those plugins are not there. When I hit Update All, nothing happens, when I Uninstall All, I just get that error message.

I have now gone online with a web browser and downloaded the RBZ files individually and used the Extension Manager’s red button Install Extension to each of those RBZ files now to get them back. I think there’s a bug in the Extension Manager that still reads my previous 2017 SketchUp program (as I left that on my system when I upgraded)

Yes all the plugins from SketchUcation migrated beautifully. I wished the native SketchUp Extension App did the same.


I don’t know what to tell you. When I installed SU2018 I used that Install feature in Extension Manager and it installed the extensions as expected. No bug.

Did you install SketchUp correctly?


Did you sign out and back into the warehouse? There is often an issue that needs this in out to get things connected again.

By the way, traditionally the new version of sketchup is released sometime in November/ December. If you are updating you may want to wait until the new one drops since you have waited this long already.


If you skip a version, the possibilty to install and activate version 2018 (the ‘inbetween’ version) will be lost.
As said, the different versions of SketchUp can reside next to each other, but only the latest version which you activated, is ‘active’, meaning that version can be installed on different systems or a new one if you remove the license from the old, the former versions can only be installed on systems were it was installed and activated.