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how can i transfer my plugins from sketchUp pro 2018 to sketchup Pro 2019

Don’t. Unless you find chasing loading errors a fun way to spend your time. For extensions you got from the Extension Warehouse, log in to the EW in SketchUp 2019 and hover over your name. Click on My Extensions and let the EW install them automatically. (The EW may be out of commission at the moment as there has been some scheduled maintenance going on.)

For extensions from SketchUcation, use the SketchUcation extension store tool to install your bundle. That is, if you used the Extension Store tool previously.

Any other extensions should be installed fresh from their sources so you make sure you have the most recent, up to date versions.

One thing to note is that is still being worked on.

Yes. As I said.

The parentheses made the text too quiet to read. That’s my story…


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I think you made a bold statement there.

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