How to transfer extensions from SU2018 to SU2019?

I just downloaded SU2019 and the extensions I sued on SU2018 do not appear.

How can I transfer them to the new version? Do I need to re-purchase them?


Do not copy the extensions from the older version unless you enjoy chasing loading errors. Often extensions require updates to work with the next version of SketchUp and unless you have been incredibly AR about keeping them all up to date, you may find some of them won’t work. Some extensions install required files in different locations or require a real installation process to function. Install them fresh from their sources. Extensions that you installed in SU2018 from the Extension Warehouse can be automatically installed after you sign in to the EW in SU2019. Hover over your name and then select My Extensions. In a similar vein, you can automatically install extensions from Sketchucation if you installed them using the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool to install them in SU2018.

As for licenses, it depends on the extension. Some will allow you to have several installations so there shouldn’t be an issue with licensing them in SU2019. Some may require that you uninstall them from SU2018 first to release the license.