Updating Extensions from SU 2020 to 2021

I have SU Pro 2020 subscription, if I upgrade to SU 2021, do I have to reinstall all my extensions?

Thank you.

Yes. Each version of SketchUp installs separately so the new install won’t have the extensions you installed in the old version. Often a new version requires updates to extensions, too. Installing them fresh from their sources makes sure you have the latest versions. You can use the Extension Warehouse panel to easily install extensions from the EW. If you used the Sketchucation Extension to install extensions such as those by Fredo6, install it first and use it to install your bundle in SU2021. This will go through and install fresh versions of the extensions in your bundle.

Also keep in mind that some extensions require the installation process to fully load.

Thank you Dave!!!

Well, splendid - BUT… what about paid extensions migrated to SU 2021.
I have many of then intelled as non-linenced! No possibility to get them licenced.

Hidden Warehouse support contanc, etc.

Individual extension developers have no control over Extension Warehouse licenses.

When you purchase an extension from the Extension Warehouse you get a limited number of installations. Just as it is with SketchUp. Go into the older version and remove the extension through Extension Manager to free up a “seat” for the new version.

Is that anything new?
As far as I recall the on THE SAME machine on can get the active/licenced extension on many version of Sketchup.
I thing you suggestion concerns transferring extensions from one machine to other,

Is there any known contact address to the EW support?

Thank you DaveR.

How one can purchase a licence for the ie. forth seat? There is a limitation to, I thing three ones?

Nope. It’s not new.

That’s not my experience but I’ve only been using SketchUp for 18 years.


Indeed not so long
My grandmother had got one extension licence for a few versions of SU on her very same and unique machine.
Perhaps finished using it just before you have started.

Please take a look of the attached pictures.
Once the extension installed I have a prompt for connecting to EW. After Install nothing changes. I have no indications on the number of active licences or the limit. No option to purchase it.

You have bought the extension already, and so don’t get a chance to buy it again. If you had a reason to need to use a paid extension in multiple versions of SketchUp, you could sign in with a different email address, and buy it a second time.

It was only in recent testing that I found that each different version of SketchUp install on the same machine does count as an additional installation. Before that I too thought that it was the number of unique computers that counted.

Thank you for clearing it up.

I, too, have been having issues installing another Eneroth extension (Eneroth Relative Camera) on SU2021. On the same computer I have SU2020 in which I uninstalled that extension thinking that it would let me install it on SU2021. No such luck, I keep getting the same EW loop that GTh was experiencing. Does this mean I need to uninstall SU 2020?
I’d appreciate your assistance getting this extension working on SU2021. Note that all other extensions (both free and paid) were installed via EW or sketchUcation ExtensionStore and are working fine on SU2021.

I adjusted things at our end, the extension should license ok now.

I’m going to try and find out who should look into the issue where uninstalling does not free up the activation.

Thanks Colin! Installed the extension and is functional now.

Hullo again,

I have just uninstalled the extension Sandbox Bonus Tools on one of my computers via Extension Manager within SU 2020.
Trying to install it with the very same EW account on a second machine.
STILL 3/3 status.

I am completely fed up with the way SU manages its upgrades. After all those years no migration utilities. A majority of users works with bunches of plugins!

Please advise or explain me in a hummer-way how to cope with the plugins beiing migrating between two version of SU on the very same machine.

Attached-please-find the plugin in question (SU-EW).

Shal the number of active and free seats be adjusted automatically whilst the plugin is removed/uninstalled within SU Extention Manager?

Thank you in advance.
Can you liberate the seat at least for this plugin, please?

Lucky you, ch3ck5ix!

Hopefully you checked in on your other post.