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Hi. I have been using SU 2020 for the last year and I bought an extension call 2dxy slickmoves as it supports a lot of features which we need for our models.
The SU subscription enables me also to install SU on 2 computers (both PC). I never managed to have the extension on my second PC.
Lately I upgraded from SU 2020 to SU 2021. Now the license for this extension is not working at all any more. Can anyone help me out? The developer couldn’t

I was doing some tests yesterday, expecting that installing extensions counted each time you did that on a new machine. Alas, it seems to be when you install on each version of SketchUp.

Can you open SketchUp 2020 on the machine you’re trying to run 2021, and use the Extension Manager to uninstall that extension. Then uninstall in 2021, and reinstall it.

Also make sure that you are signed in with your brabantia email address.

Hi Colin

I can’t get hold of my old computer any more as our IT department already set it up new. So I have to find a different way. Also this would not solve my issue that my private computer does not run the extension as I’m logged in on both computers under the same e-mail address and account.

Maybe I’m wrong but I assumed that if I buy an extension under one account I should be able to run this extension everytime I’m logged in with this account.

Paid extensions, like with Classic SketchUp licenses, are allowed to be installed on two computers, and that often will be a work desktop and a personal laptop. A third install is also possible, but a fourth one isn’t. You got the problem you see because you have the extension installed on three computers, or on one computer in three versions of SketchUp.

There isn’t anything we can do to remotely uninstall the extension from a now wiped computer. But, it is possible to adjust the number of installs that it can have. I have done that now, and if you uninstall the extension, then install it again, the license should work.

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Thanks for your help. So in order to prevent this situation in the future I need to uninstall the extension every time before I switch to a new version in sketchup or to a new computer. (I just tested it and in works so thank you)

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